We are a group of close friends that have a passion for designing mobile apps! Our team is dedicated to building applications that will stand out in the app store. Apps who are designed to work for real people

Steven Iovan

Steven is a dedicated businessman. Steven has pitched throughout multiple entrepreneurship competitions for different concepts such as the Pizza ATM. He’s also been a part of different entrepreneurship incubators such as the Summer Incubator at Calgary Innovate as well as the Haskayne School of Business Entrepreneurship Hot House. He will help you with what features could be beneficial for your app!

Nicholas Palichuk

Nick is an experienced iPhone app developer who has been programming iPhone apps since the beginning of 2014. He has worked with app development companies in the past. He has created roughly 15 iPhone apps on his own schedule.

Dominik Kalita

Dominik is a graphic designer from Squamish BC, every project that he works on is meticulously planned, researched and executed to the highest degree. Aside from design, he is an avid skier, photographer and adventurer. He was born in Banff, Alberta and mountain culture has been a major role in his development as a designer. He will be designing your app!